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The Airgreen Revolution

The Only True Air Conditioner On The Market

Controls Humidity

of Outside and Inside Air all year round

60% Energy Savings

much more efficient than conventional a/c

Controls Temperature

independent of humidity

Provides Real Comfort Conditions


Maximum Indoor Air Quality

cleaned of particulates, bacteria and viruses

image of Airgreen Model AG 2000 system

Before AirGreen,  air conditioning was about compromise and sacrifice.  No more.

Venn Diagram: Aigreen is the sweet spot between Comfort, Health, and Energy / Cost Reduction

Without comfort allowing employees to work productively and attracting customers, why bother? High humidity in conventional systems requires over-chilling and results in that cold-clammy uncomfortable feeling.

Removing humidity to ensure comfort and eliminate mold hazards is extremely energy intensive in conventional systems, which makes it very expensive.

Conventional systems recycle much of their air, spreading viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Lots of outside air is healthiest, but over-taxes conventional HVAC systems and is expensive to condition.

AirGreen systems are the most comfortable, healthiest, energy-efficient air conditioning systems ever created - by far.  No more sacrifices.

How AirGreen solves our customers'  problems:


  • High running cost
  • Building is cold & clammy
  • Unsustainable system
  • High-performing systems are expensive
  • Recirculation of particulates
  • Recirculation of infections
  • High air volumes
  • Maintenance costs high
  • Inefficient ventilation air


  • Reduces electric consumption 50-60%
  • Lower humidity, higher temperature - maximum comfort zone
  • AirGreen can be run on renewable energy
  • High performance with minimum cost
  • Dusts and pollens eliminated
  • Bacteria and viruses killed
  • Reduced by lowering air enthalpy
  • Reduced by automatic monitoring
  • Up to 100%Outside Air economically

AirGreen is the only system that truly conditions air.

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